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Nerf trilogy

Aug 19, 2019 ... Right now you can get tons of Nerf gear at seriously discounted prices, and these are our absolute favorites in case you weren't sure where to ...

Nerf Authority

It is a fan blog that focuses more on the adult fanbase of stock blasters and the fun in Nerfing. Episodes generally discuss various things about Nerf. Subject matter ranges from specific blasters to specific series to specific types of blasters. AFoN is officially recognized by Nerf and is often beatific information and press kits from Nerf. They attended the N-Strike Elite release party.


Nerf Bloggin' since 2009. ... Official Nerf Arenas to Open Late Next Year!Nerf Action Xperience! June 4, 2019 June 5, 2019 !!404!! Not here! September 16, 2019 ...

The 10 Best Nerf Guns You Can Buy On Amazon Prime Right Now

Dart Zone has a thing for silly yet completely viable “minigun” blasters. The Scorpion, for example, is still on shelves afterwards many years. This year, we have several options. Those with a preference for dart hoppers, of course, have the accomplished Destructor to find at Target. For those who love their chain-fed blasters, however, Walmart has a notable update in the Adventure Force V-Twin. Ammo capacity? Ease of reloading? High velocities? All of them are here, in an inexpensive package!

Nerf guns amazon

Sep 12, 2019 ... Once you're done 3D printing and creating the FPV Rover v2.0, you can follow this guide to add a turret to your tank so you can shoot Nerf darts ...

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To date, Dart Zone (and their Adventure Force-branded blasters at Walmart) has been producing solid blasters for a low price. But even with so many hits, sometimes there’s a blaster that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Such is the case with the Sentry X2.


A group of blaster and Nerf fans from around the world, we are here to provide news and reviews on Nerf, BOOMco, Dart Zone, Buzz Bee and related brands.

Some of Our Favorite Nerf Blasters Are Way Cheap Right Now

I’ve been a bit absent in posting this week – my time after work has been spent editing video from the past few months, actually! One of many things I’m abaft on. To that end, here are a few games from the past month I’ve attended!

Nerf sniper

This is a list of Nerf blogs. This page has been locked to prevent addition of Nerfers that are not well-known. If you have information to be added to the page or ...

NERF & Blaster Toys

It is a popular news antecedent blog based in Southern California. Aside from news, Basic Nerf also covers fan videos and off-brand dart blaster news. Basic Nerf often gets information and products directly from Nerf, as it is officially recognized by them; it was given a N-Strike Elite press release kit by Nerf as well.

Nerf shotgun

Aug 31, 2019 ... The Stryfe is one of my absolute favorite mods! Here's a mod guide list of all of the products you'll need to mod your Nerf Stryfe. I have the ...


The Nerf Rival Knockout is a fun little blaster. 90 fps, single shot, breech-loading. Inevitably, however, people will decide it should fire harder, or fire things other than Rival balls. So here’s some basic info not covered in the review!

Nerf gun videos

Apr 25, 2012 ... Toy giant Hasbro, for reasons known only to Hasbro, do not like the fact that Aussie Martyn Yang runs a blog about Nerf Guns. What they're ...

Nerf Under 10 Dollars

It’s meant to be a competitor for the Kronos and added pistol-sized Rival blasters. However, alike with the lower price, it ends up being lacking in some key areas. It might work well for kids getting into Rival, but for the rest of us…it could accept been better.

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